Here's my first record, Coolage, released in 1980.

Here's a review of Coolage: Cool indeed. New wave poprockin’ femme with a somewhat radical look - like she’d have no problem hangin’ with Blondie, Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. Musically she’s like a more subdued version of the latter yet still a far cry from wimpy female ccm. Note that cool electric guitar she’s got strapped on. ‘Super Heroes’, ‘Taking Baby For A Ride’ and the title track are all fun tunes cruisin’ along with a cool beat and happy rock-and-roll vibes. ‘Backside Of The Desert’ has a mysterious mood carried along by dreamy harmonies and a hypnotic bass riff ala Fleetwood Mac. Decent electric guitar moves on ‘Living On Broken Hearts’ and ‘Somebody Loves Me’ (check out the weird synths on the latter). ‘Family’ and ‘Visions’ are quieter ballad expressions. All ten songs written by Geri. Up there with Sheila Walsh’s Future Eyes. Did I mention she’s cool? (Ken Scott - Archivist)

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Geri Baird - Coolage